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1911 .45 Nighthawk Custom Pistols for Sale

With a reputation already for producing some of the best 1911 pistols in the world, Nighthawk Custom has collaborated with the globe’s most respected names to create pistols such as the Heinie Tactical Carry and the Vickers Tactical, both of which are the very definition of performance and precision.Nighthawk Custom .45 Heinie Tactical Carry Pistol

However, Nighthawk holds their own with creations that have earned the respect of gun buffs world-wide. Nighthawk Custom offers multiple lines of 1911 .45 pistols, including the Talon, which holds four distinct models: Talon, Talon II, Talon III, and Talon IV. Each of these handguns is designed in a similar configuration, but they have distinct traits making each slightly better fit for certain circumstances. For example, the Talon IV features a smaller frame and is fit for carry, while the Talon II has a full-sized frame.

Nighthawk also has guns such as the Predator II, which is especially versatile, and the GRP, which is designed for the needs of the armed forces of our great nation, but is available to civilians as well. Regardless of the Nighthawk 1911 pistol you choose, you’re sure to be impressed by the serious quality and performance of all Nighthawk Custom guns, for sale here at